Comedy Video: Project Fame Season 9 Ibadan Auditions Funny Moments (Episode 1)



Here is Another funny Moments from MTN Project Fame (Ibadan Audion)

Enjoy this very 8 minute clip that’ll surely make your day. Remember we cut out only the funny part of the auditions…So, to watch the Full 25mins clips..Go to MTN Project Fame YouTube Channel To Watch



  1. Samson sinda auta

    Hahah…. It was really hillarious, i saw it… Let me download it again…. At least for my friends.

  2. This project fame is just full of hilarious events

  3. Olagunju Opeyemi

    This is too funny indeed, thanks for sharing

  4. Funny moment, i can’t wait much to download it.

  5. Adeniyi Muhammad Adebayo

    Some of this guy’s can’t just be a musician

  6. Adeniyi Abubakar Deji

    This project fame of a thing is not that serious

  7. Another funny Moments from MTN lol

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