GLtrends Monthly Top Commenters Promo (New Rule Added)

comment and win corrected

Nigerians will always find ways to manipulate every offer they can touch. As we Naija no dey carry last for everything. So we have noticed a lot of hidden manipulations in the Top Commenters Promo, which makes people who are not worth winning in this offer win. So now, we hereby cancel all past winners who have not been paid and start this promo afresh with new rules set in place from today, July 10, 2016. GLtrends will NEVER give out N50,000 to readers who manipulate this promo and are not worth winning such amount. We’ve set new rules to make the Top Commenters Promo as pure and genuine as possible. Below are rules new rules we’ve set in place, old rules are also valid:

1. Words Count: The minimum of words in a comment should be at least 8 words (I.e Dangote Refinery will be a great support for Nigeria)

Don’t write a comment like this (mmmm Naija for real o win win situation) zero!

NOTE: anybody that fails to meet up with this rule will be disqualified
2. No Abbreviation: This is very important as abbreviations are not acceptable in the comments section if you are participating in the promo.

I.E omo dis is lyf sha we wil contne (zero!)

Comment should be created with full text!
I.E Wizkid is really going Global, he might win Grammy

3. Meaningful Comment: This is already on the past rules simple instructions.

Most of our commenters don’t read post before dropping comment, thereby most times post comments that don’t go with the post information. Some even go to the extent of posting just two off-point words like “good job”, “see you”, etc and expect to win at the end of the month after when all their comments are all these junks.

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Make sure you always read every post content before commenting!

4. Comment Name: always comment with your full name – nickname is not allowed again and also the name must be on your bank account details. Thank you!

5. Ban: Once ban your not allow to take part in the competition again but we notice some are creating another mail so that they can continue with the comment promo. Trust us, we will keep banning as you continue manipulating in anyway!

i. That is why we gave you the most follow rule no4 You must always comment with
your full name that is on your bank account number

ii. All Competitors should submit there full bank details to (

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank
Name: Lyon Caffrey
A/c: 01********65

6. Payment: once you’re picked as one of the winners and you fail to provide your bank details within 3 days – you won’t be paid, you will need to compete again to stand another chance of getting paid.

Don’t forget this rules! GLtrends Comments Promo is meant to give back to our genuine active readers, and not the fake active readers.

Don’t abuse this chance, cause we might stop this promo!

Thanks as you co-operate with us!

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  1. Thanks, for this new rule set on this offer, i am so much happy and grateful.

  2. I will surely follow the new rules sir

  3. david .B. williams

    I’ve being wanting to complain but I’m glad it has been taken care of

  4. I have been waiting for a moment like this since,good job gltrend

  5. Ogunleke teslim opeyemi

    Thanks for the update, am just seeing this though. Am ready to follow any rule set by your authority. Its a long way coming.

  6. Well noted we will try to follow by the rules as much as possible!!

  7. Rahim Akeem Opeyemi

    That cool anyway. I love this


    Well noted we will try to follow by the rules as much as possible, its really cool this way

  9. I wanted to know, as of today are we starting afresh or do the past comments we commented with just our first name count.
    looking forward to your reply.


    Finally, Thank GOD, this new rule is awesome, it’s that dude that types multiple times with different names, finally he has been caught. i will follow this rule , you can count on me.

  11. Rubbish talk in your first promo you said you are going to pick 5 top commenters with 2000 naira each my name came in top three I email you you are telling me I was not recognize gltrend who you epp f**k scammers with jambite rules

  12. Olabiwonnu Abiodun

    it is okay by me…thank you for this opportunity

  13. Adeniyi Abubakar Deji

    Well gltrends you guys should at least pay us, any way you guys rule.

  14. Idebe Darlington

    That’s nice, at least everything will look mature now


    Well! This is really great.i made no 11 last month just because some guys commented bullshit and made they way to the top..

  16. No doubt guys. Working toward this month winning. Thank Jah

  17. Gus let us abide to the rules,to last month winners keep calm

  18. a very good rule which i believe we can all abide with

  19. Abdulkadir Afeez

    The rule is okay, I understand now, when it comes to money, things seems hard.

  20. Yusuf zainab oluwatosin

    Thanks for the changes,well noted and will be followed thorougly

  21. Seems, this really cool!

  22. Alright I will always abide by ur rules boss

  23. Adeniyi Muhammad Adebayo

    This is a welcome way to move gltrends forward let’s work harder

  24. elujoba abimbola

    well noted. nigerians would always be nigerians. nice outreach and empowerment

  25. elujoba abimbola

    given this new rules, i hope it works. from my point of view gltrends i think you should make the rules one comment per post. this can enable them to go and read more posts and drop comments instead of one person dropping about 20 comments on a post. by doing it this way i believe there would be space for more interactive sessions in each posts. JUST SAYING

  26. Ayodele Temidayo

    This is a welcomed development as it will also be a measure of effective feedback to others.

  27. Noted. I am new here, so I badly want to win.

  28. Adeniyi Muhammad Adebayo

    It’s still gltrends an sure their reasons are genuine

  29. Yusuf Abdulhamid Dangogo

    It’s still gltrends an sure their reasons are genuine

  30. Gltrend go catch you soon you using three different mails

  31. Hmmmn, see as I’m just observing things around here,looking at dealeh like

  32. Olabiwonnu Abiodun

    Who is using two different emails again

  33. i love that rule..thanks gurus-loaded.

  34. nice dear keep it up

  35. ok will abide by the new set of rules

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