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Drama as Wife Attacks and Leaves Husband’s Mistress With One Leg After Catching Them on Valentine’s Night (Photos+Video)

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A love fight has ended in an awful manner after a wife tried to kill her rival by running her over with her car.

Karsheena Mordica
A love triangle has turned awful after a woman caught her husband on a date with the mistress on Valentine’s night and ran her over with her car. 
The tragic incident took place in Miami, Florida when two women Karsheena Mordica and Ashley Weatherspoon got into an argument which left the latter without a leg, CBS Miami reported.
Karsheena Mordica is said to have used her car to run over the husband’s mistress leaving one of her legs badly injured. Karsheena Mordica is being charged with second degree murder for leaving the scene of the incident without trying to help her victim.
Ashley Weatherspoon
Police reports indicate that she did not make any attempt to render any form of assistance to the severely injured Ashley and simply left the scene. 
Ashley who was badly injured had her leg amputated as a result of the incident. It was gathered that the incident was caused by 32 year old Marco Mark, who happens to be the object of affection of both parties.
Kasheena who is married to Marco, whom she caught out with Ashley on Valentine’s night has been arrested and faces a lengthy sentencing over the act.
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