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14 Safety Tips For South Easterners As They Are Under Military Watch

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●1. Always carry your Identity card with you, so
that you can always identify yourself whenever
called upon to do so
●2. Never stay out late for whatever reason
●3. If you must drive, make sure your driver’s
license and all your car particulars are complete
and valid.
●4. If possible, do not drive a car with tinted glass
even if you have a police permit
●5. If you are stopped at the check point, answer
only the questions that you are asked. Do not
volunteer any information nor ask questions
●6. Do not for any reason argue with any military
●7. Stay indoors as much as possible, go out only
when it is absolutely necessary
●8. Do not play football on the street
●9. Do not jog on the street
●10. Do not for any reason carry any Biafran
souvenirs with you
●11. Do not play loud music in your car when
●12. Do not undertake any interstate journey, unless
it is absolutely necessary. You must target to arrive
your destination before it gets dark
● 13. Avoid fixing weddings, burials or any form of
function that will require the gathering of many
●14. Females should as much as possible move
around in pairs.
Meanwhile, the Igbo National Council (INC) has
given the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General
Tukur Buratai, a 21-day ultimatum to end the
Operation Python Dance II in the south-east.
The group said the region is not a war zone and
asked the army chief to withdraw all the soldiers
posted to the area within 21 days or be sued at the
International Criminal Court (ICC).

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