After Calling Her the ‘Evil White Witch’, #BBNaija Bisola Makes Peace With Tboss -


After Calling Her the ‘Evil White Witch’, #BBNaija Bisola Makes Peace With Tboss

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Bisola and Tboss
Image: Tboss/Instagram
 #BBNaija Bisola and Tboss are now besties, and this comes 5 months after the 2017 Big Brother Nigeria show ended.

Writing on her Instagram, Tboss revealed that this is the first time she is hanging out with Bisola since their tumultuous relationship in the house.

“Catching up with @iambisola today was absolutely fun. 1st chance we’ve gotten since we got out the BBN House,” said the reality TV star, adding that she looks forward to many more moments like this with the actress.

Recall that Bisola never hid how much she felt about Tboss during their stay stay at the house. During the $exual assault incidence which led to Kemen’s disqualification, Bisola was captured on camera calling Tboss the ‘evil white witch’, and though she later apologised for that comment, friction grew between the tworld contestants.

In subsequent episodes Bisola ganged up with other housemates like Efe and Bally, to accuse TBoss of being ‘cursed’; they refused to sit at her corner, their reason being that anyone who got close to her ended up getting evicted.

This and many other occasions was why many people labelled Bisola a bully.

But it has been a long time since the #BBNaija drama. The ex-housemate continue to grow their career outside of the house. Now, Bisola and Tboss have gone on a date night, confirming that they truly have put the past behind them.

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