See Wizkid And Davido Hug Just Before Things Went South (Video) -


See Wizkid And Davido Hug Just Before Things Went South (Video)

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Wizkid and Davido are seen to be the most competitive music idols in the Nigerian entertainment industry and recent facts have proven it following their last encounter at the One Africa Music Fest In Dubai where they had a clash of fists and wizkid was reportedly seen to be involved in the exchange of punches as seen in the video.

Have a glimpse at the video in case it passed you bye;

But before then they all had their horses down as wizkid and davido where seen hugging each other before the event started, that is before the whole problem of who was to climb the stage first arouse. They looked cool from the looks of it i must say, well see the video and tell me they do not look cool as friends.

Wizkid hugging Davido before the fight broke out ;

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  1. Scotty

    18th November 2017 at 6:08 am

    Emmm. The video below was from last christmas,which they spent together wher am sure dey planned n scripted how there beef would go down dis year to gain more noise.its all part of the game

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