Sophia Momodu Replies Instagram User Who Said Her B00bs are Flat -


Sophia Momodu Replies Instagram User Who Said Her B00bs are Flat

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responded to a Instagram user who said her bossoms were flat after she went Tople$$, showing off her B00bs on Instagram.


Sophia Momodu had taken to Instagram to do an advert for a Push Up bra store, but her fans weren’t having it as many were of the opinion that her B.reasts are flat and not suitable for such.

But this female Instagram user took it a bit too far when she called out Mama Imade over her supposed ‘flat B.reast’. and when Sophia responded, the Instagram user fired back.


The instagram user @prettyxgirlswag_ commented on the above pic: “Cute, but delete. Flat B.reast showing and not nice dear”

Sophia Momodu was quick to let her know her comment is irrelavant as she’s making her money and feeding a 30BG baby.

“You’re just talking.. I’m counting my kpa & holla at me after you’ve B.reastfed a 30bg baby” Sophia responded

But the Instagram user wasn’t backing down just yet, she had to point out that Davido’s second baby mama, Amanda also breasfeeds, and her B00bs are firm.

“Well bye madam 30 billion gang B.reastfeeder. I wonder why mama hailey B.reast isn’t like this cus she also B.reastfed”, She replied.

See the exchange below:


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