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Woman Who Was Unhappy About Her Body Becomes Bodybuilding Champion (Photos)

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A woman who used to be too self-conscious to wear a bikini due to her wobbly tummy has managed to overcome her body confidence issues – to become a bodybuilding champion. Anna Banks, 30, from Liverpool, embarked on a new fitness regime after being left unhappy with the way her body looked.

Since then, she hasn’t looked back and has been crowned British Bodybuilding Champion and Ms Olympia Amateur.

According to DailyMail, Anna is now a personal trainer and professional bodybuilder, competing at some of the biggest shows on the national and international stage.

The bodybuilder explained how she had previously suffered with body confidence issues before embarking on a new fitness regime.

‘I was very body conscious and would always wear a one-piece swimsuit instead of a bikini as I wasn’t very happy with my body, especially my mid-section,’ she said.

‘I wouldn’t say I was out of shape, I just wasn’t completely satisfied with how I looked.

‘I remember seeing these fitness models in magazines and thinking wow I wish I looked like that and is that even possible.’

Anna said the secret to her sculpted figure was simply a balanced diet, along with hard work at the gym.

Source; DailyMail

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